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Here's What Our Clients

Have To Say

"You have truly been amazing and I love the check ins and it is so hard for me to admit that I needed someone to hold me accountable that was not immediately close to me. I can honestly say, I have never been this continuous with getting my habits healthy as I am right now. I am so ready and I am open to what is being told.  THANK YOU."

Christina H. 

"After working with Brooke for 2 weeks I was already seeing the benefits! I took an overnight trip to my parents' for a weekend and it was the least food-focused I've been on a trip to their house in a long time, especially considering the birthday party I was there to attend. I got to enjoy cake, wine, and delicious food and didn't feel bad or guilty about it because Brooke helped me formulate a plan that allowed me to keep working towards my goals. More than that, by not focusing on what I can/can't eat, I got to focus on spending and enjoying time with my family."

Jackie M. 

"I am feeling GREAT! I don't know how else to explain it hahaha, I am sleeping great, I am more focused at work and I am more attentive in my relationships."

Amy P. 

"I can’t thank you enough for everything over the last year. I have learned so so much and I’m so much healthier than when I started. Im strong as heck, I haven’t binged in months, my periods are regular, my hair is growing back and I’m not avoiding any foods (carbs)!!"

Melissa R. 

"This week I wore a dress that I never had enough confidence to wear. I felt great in it.

I bought a dress several years ago and had never worn it. I never wore it because I didn't have confidence in myself. This weekend I put on that dress and asked why I have never worn it. I felt so great in my own skin for the first time in a long time."

Lexi B. 

Brooke was the perfect coach; with her RDN background and years of experience in the health industry. In less than a year, Brooke helped me reduce my fasting glucose levels and also reduce the amount of migraines I was getting. I finally feel 'normal' again. I have my confidence back and not because of the weight loss but because I feel good on the inside. Knowing my body is healing and I can now say I am NOT prediabetic anymore has reduced my stress significantly. I can't thank Coach Brooke enough for the guidance, support, knowledge and encouragement she has given me these last 9 months.

Ali P. 

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"Working with Coach Brooke has changed my life. I've been a runner for more than ten years, but have struggled with injury, body image, nutrition, and mindset. When I shared with Brooke that I wanted to run an ultramarathon, she embraced my goal as her own. She helped me to understand that training for an endurance event like an ultramarathon is not the time to worry about body composition, and with her support, I've finally separated running from a weight-loss strategy to an exploration of how strong I am and what my body can accomplish. With this enhanced mindset, Brooke helped me to identify how much food my body needed to train (a lot!), what food had me feeling my very best, and what I needed to do to ensure optimal recovery. My training cycle went better than I could have imagined; finally, with proper fueling, I was getting through high-mileage weeks with relative ease and recovering well. When race day arrived, I was not just well trained, but I was well fed and mentally prepared to grind through 30+ miles and achieve my 50K ultramarathon goal. I've read that marathon training is 25% running and 75% eating, and my experience working with Brooke clearly demonstrates its truth. Thanks to Brooke, I'm an ultramarathoner!"

Becky L. 


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