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Dietitian for Fertility
in Kingston, PA and Online

Women have so many health matters to consider during pregnancy.

When creating a life, issues of nutrition become paramount, as you now need to eat the right kind of diet to support your own health as well as that of your baby.


Of course, a healthy diet matters just as much to women who are struggling to become pregnant due to certain medical conditions such as obesity or PCOS.


You can find tons of information online about the right kinds of diets to follow for optimal pregnancies, but none of that is personalized to you. When you see a dietitian for fertility issues, however, you get medical advice tailored to you from a highly educated expert.


If you want to ensure your and your baby’s health during your pregnancy, or if you’ve been struggling to get pregnant, altering your nutrition could be the answer! We’d love to help you at Catalyst Nutrition and Training.

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The Challenges of Fertility

Whether you’re pregnant now or struggling to get pregnant, fertility is a complex subject. You’ve spent years doing everything in life a certain way, and now, you have to guide your every action by whether it will be healthy and safe for your baby.


Add on top of that the natural changes that take over your body during pregnancy. Many women feel nauseous and fatigued, experience heartburn, and crave certain foods.


On that issue of eating: the other major life change that pregnant women must make is having to eat for two. You may not have to do this during the first trimester (if you’re having only one baby), but in the later stages of the pregnancy, women should eat between 300 and 450 extra calories every day. Add in figuring out what food sources those calories should come from, and you’ve got a challenging situation, especially when you’re used to eating a certain way.

Fertility Problems and Nutrition

We also have to address the fact that not every pregnancy goes entirely smoothly. In the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 13.4% of women aged 15 to 49 have some sort of impaired fertility. So many factors can influence a woman’s ability to get pregnant, and nutrition is often involved in some way!


Some of those health factors include:



We don’t have to tell you that struggling to become pregnant is a difficult time. You’re tired, angry, sad, frustrated, and you just want someone to give you advice that works.


That’s where Catalyst can help.


How a Pregnancy Dietitian Can Help

Whether you are happily pregnant, soon to become pregnant, or struggling to get pregnant, a dietitian for fertility can help you. It can be difficult to plot out a whole new pregnancy diet on your own or to know what dietary approach will best support you becoming pregnant in the first place.

We can assist with that. Through our nutrition counseling program, we’ll learn all about you and your situation and guide you to a set of nutrition protocols we believe will foster your fertility. For example, we might recommend a regimen of anti-inflammatory foods such as pineapples and pomegranates during that stressful two-week wait. That’s because you need bodily inflammation to be at a minimum to give yourself the best chance of implantation.

Or, if you’ve been struggling to become pregnant due to PCOS or obesity, we will collaborate with you on getting your diet to a place that’s most suitable for pregnancy. In some cases, that could involve getting on a schedule of natural dietary supplements in addition to your regular diet; in other cases, the best approach is a gradual course toward weight loss so your body is optimized for a healthy pregnancy.


As is the case when you work with a dietitian who practices functional nutrition, we’ll also look at other lifestyle factors that could play a role in your fertility, such as your stress, sleep, and physical activity. 


You’re in the best hands with us. We can’t wait to meet you.

Dietitian Nutritionist for Fertility in Kingston, PA, and Online

Wherever you are on your journey of pregnancy, a dietitian nutritionist for fertility can help you. We’ll guide you in optimizing your nutrition for the best results so you can boost your health and that of your baby.


Catalyst Nutrition and Training is located in Kingston, PA, and we’re always happy to see our patients there! But if you’d prefer the virtual route, our services are available online, too! Let us know how we can help.

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