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Dietitian Nutritionist for Weight Loss in Kingston, PA and Online

A weight loss dietitian nutritionist can help you transform your health

Would you like to know the most crucial benefit of working with a dietitian nutritionist for weight loss? It’s that we can help you lose weight safely, effectively, and sustainably while educating you in managing your health more holistically.

Millions of Americans struggle to lose weight. It can be challenging to change certain diet and lifestyle habits. You may also have an underlying medical condition that makes losing weight even more difficult. The problem gets worse when you factor in the influence of popular but often misleading weight-loss tactics that don’t actually work long term.

At Catalyst Nutrition and Training, we practice and fully support functional nutrition as your path to healthy weight loss. We don’t simply give you a few instructions for reducing your weight. We consider your complete health profile when recommending weight-loss strategies.

If you’re ready to lose weight the right way, enroll in our nutrition counseling program today. You’ll have access to a registered dietitian nutritionist for weight loss who will be with you the whole time. We serve all of Northeastern Pennsylvania from our Pierce St. office in Kingston and also see patients online! Call toll free (888) 862-0803.

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The Challenges of Losing Weight

If you’ve ever been led to believe that losing weight was as simple as eating less, you should know that doesn’t even begin to tell the story. What’s more is that losing weight for one person could be completely different from losing weight for another. Each of our bodies is unique, and we are all in different places regarding our weight and overall health.


All of the following can be challenges on your journey toward losing weight that a weight-loss dietitian nutritionist can help you to overcome:


  • Not eating enough protein - you need enough lean protein, such as fish or turkey breast, to build muscle and burn calories; men typically need 56 grams of protein a day, while women usually need 46 grams

  • Skimping on fiber - if you aren’t getting enough slow-digesting soluble fiber, such as that found in beans and oats, you may find yourself hungry again soon after eating a meal

  • Believing that less food equals weight loss - the idea of simply running a calorie deficit over time to lose weight can be misleading, because you could very well be cutting out essential foods you need to lose weight the right way

  • Hearing others claim that certain fad diets worked for them - it’s often easy to think that fad diets are effective given how popular they are, but eliminating particular food groups from your diet may actually harm your health

  • Eating out of boredom or because it’s “time” to eat - food is such an important part of our daily social lives that it can be easy to eat simply because we feel we should, even if we’re not hungry

  • Having medical conditions or taking medications - you may have certain medical conditions or take medications that increase your appetite and make it more difficult to allot healthy food portions to yourself

  • Being unable to exercise - many people would like to exercise more to lose weight but can’t due to various infirmities


These challenges are very real for millions of Americans. According to Smithsonian Magazine, about 45 million Americans start a diet every year. But no matter what you have been facing as you strive for a healthier version of you, know that you don’t have to take on these challenges alone.


A registered dietitian nutritionist for weight loss from Catalyst Nutrition and Training is always here to help!

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How a Weight Loss Dietitian Nutritionist Can Help

Working with a registered dietitian nutritionist from Catalyst definitely has its benefits when you’re trying to lose weight. With our functional nutrition approach, we create holistic nutrition plans that are customized to you and your health. Our motto is “teach, don't tell.” We want our clients to know the “why” behind our methods. That’s the only way to make sound lifestyle changes for yourself in the interest of losing weight.


With that said, here are the main components of a healthy weight-loss plan that we incorporate into our recommendations to you at Catalyst:


  • A reasonable, realistic weight-loss goal

  • A reduced-calorie, nutritionally balanced eating plan

  • Regular physical activity

  • A behavior-change plan to help you stay on track with your goals

Here are some basic facts to keep in mind as you work with us:


  • Calories count

  • Portion size counts

  • Nutrition counts

  • Even a small amount of weight loss can lead to big health benefits

  • Good eating habits can last a lifetime

  • You should discuss weight loss with your doctor before getting started


Finally, we cover the roles of sleep, stress, hunger, energy, digestion, and recovery with every patient, whether you’re looking to lose weight or accomplish a different nutritional goal.

Become Your Best Self with a Catalyst Dietitian Nutritionist for Weight Loss

When you work with Catalyst to lose weight, you get a registered dietitian nutritionist who’s dedicated to helping you improve your nutrition and empower you through education. We don’t tell you what to do; we help you to understand why making changes is important.

We offer nutrition counseling here in Kingston, PA, and online, and nutrition coaching and fitness coaching exclusively online. When you’re ready to lose weight and change your life the right way, call Catalyst Nutrition and Training at (888) 862-0803!

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