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Online Personal Training

Get fit with an online personal trainer from Catalyst Nutrition and Training.


Expert Guidance from a Virtual Personal Trainer

Like our name suggests, there are two major parts of the Catalyst brand: nutrition and physical training. While some of our patients get the most from learning from an RDN in our nutritional counseling or online nutrition coaching programs, others need some instruction from a physical fitness expert.

If you're  completely confident with your current nutrition habits but lost when you think about your fitness routine at the gym? Try Catalyst’s online fitness coaching! We offer individualized workout coaching designed to meet you at your current fitness level, so you can take on every challenge that comes your way. Learn what it is and how it works below!

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What Is Online Personal Training?

Online fitness coaching is an easy and convenient way to receive professional workout advice from an experienced fitness coach, and it’s all done online, on your schedule. Imagine that you’ve found the perfect personal trainer for your fitness needs, but they’re located so far away from you that you can’t train with them.


Not the case with fitness coaching online! At Catalyst Nutrition and Training, we use the simplest technological outlets, such as emails and voice memos, to advise you on your workouts. We’ll design your plan for you and critique your progress as needed, so you can benefit from our personalized approach no matter where you live or what your schedule is like!

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How Our Virtual Fitness Coaching Works

Our online personal training ensures your workout routine fits your busy schedule.

We can’t stress the custom aspect of this training enough. When you work with an online fitness coach, you get the best of both worlds: the convenience of our programming whenever and wherever you’re ready for it, and a plan that is meant for no one else but you. The idea is to make you completely comfortable while you improve your physical fitness.

Here’s how our virtual personal training works at Catalyst:

1. You call us or submit a contact form to schedule an initial consultation, where we learn about your current fitness level and goals. This program is for you if you want to achieve fat loss, muscle gain, or body recomposition.

2. Based on your abilities and goals, we devise workouts for you to complete anywhere, whether in your home or apartment or at a full-fledged commercial gym with all the bells and whistles.


3. You access your personalized workout regimens on our fitness app. Everything you need to stay organized is in the app, including your full workouts and the order in which you should complete them throughout the week.


4. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner; each workout comes with clear instructions!

5. The app also provides video demonstrations for every exercise so you can be sure you’re doing them right!





6. Our coaching is based on progressive overload, where you’ll increase the intensity of your workouts over time to build on your progress.

7. Check-in communication and form critiques are app-based and done via email and voice memos, giving you convenient access to us as needed!

the online personal training app from Catalyst Nutrition and Training
workout instructions on Catalyst Nutrition and Training's personal training app

While this program strictly offers fitness coaching, we also offer a package of both online fitness coaching and online nutrition coaching! Complete weekly check-ins and get support with both nutrition and training to take your health to the next level. Ask us about this option, and we can set you up with an online nutrition and fitness coach!

Contact Catalyst to Start with an Online Personal Trainer

If you haven’t had much luck with generalized fitness programs or trying to work out on your own, then our individualized approach to fitness coaching could be for you! With the convenience of strictly online check-ins, you can grab hold of your physical fitness and start working toward your goals right now!


Call us or send a message to get started!

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