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Registered Dietitian Serving Dallas, PA

Catalyst Nutrition and Training may be located in Kingston, but we are happy to be your registered dietitian serving Dallas and the entire Back Mountain area, from Trucksville to Harveys Lake.

Our patients are happy to drive the 15 to 20 minutes to see us on Pierce St. in Kingston or meet with us virtually because they know the Catalyst brand of nutrition works for them. Through our in-person or online nutrition counseling, online nutrition coaching, and online fitness coaching, we instruct our patients in the holistic nutrition they need to meet their health goals and start feeling better, even with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure or cancer.

If you want to join the dozens of other patients whose lives we have been fortunate enough to help improve through our nutritional education and instruction, we’d love to hear from you. Call (888) 862-0803 or email to get started.

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We are happy to serve patients from Dallas, PA! Contact us here.

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Our Dietitian and Nutritionist Services


Nutrition Counseling in Person and Online

Personalized nutritional instruction from a registered dietitian nutritionist, including guidance on preexisting medical conditions


Online Nutrition Coaching

Convenient, online nutritional mentorship designed to help you make the best food decisions for achieving your health goals.


Online Fitness Coaching

Customized workout plans and form critiques regularly provided to you online to help you optimize your physical condition

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Why Choose Catalyst as Your Dietitian Near Dallas, PA?

We say this all the time: we know you have your choice of dietitian when you live in Dallas, PA, or the nearby Back Mountain areas. You have so many factors to consider when comparing dietitians, from their reputation to their nutritional approach to their physical distance from you.


But our Back Mountain patients tell us all the time why they choose Catalyst: because our approach is to teach you, not tell you, about the relationship between nutrition and your health.


So much of your health is wrapped up in your nutrition and overall lifestyle. At Catalyst Nutrition and Training, we address both: not just what you eat, but the daily lifestyle factors that affect your overall health.


Want to learn more? Here are three reasons to choose Catalyst as your dietitian when you live in Dallas or anywhere else in the Back Mountain.

1. The Expertise of a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

In the healthcare field, the letters after a provider’s name carry a lot of weight. Someone with “RDN” in their title is a registered dietitian nutritionist. This is different from a nutritionist, a professional who is skilled in advising patients on proper nutrition.


By contrast, a dietitian is a medical practitioner who has gone through the appropriate education and supervised training to offer patients nutrition counseling, including to treat disease.


When you visit Catalyst, you see a registered dietitian who is licensed to practice nutritional medicine. That means we don’t simply tell you the best food choices to make in your daily life. We literally educate you in incorporating the appropriate foods and other life changes to address medical conditions such as:

We can also help you to lose weight or gain weight and, since our registered dietitian is also a personal trainer, can advise you on your workouts if you need some body-recomposition guidance in the gym.

2. We Address Your Lifestyle, Too

Another reason Catalyst stands out for our patients is because we practice something called functional nutrition. Think of it as holistic nutrition. When you’re enrolled in our nutrition counseling program, we don’t just advise you on the best food choices to make and call our job finished.


Instead, we talk to you about your medical history and lifestyle. That’s because we believe that your health is made up of so much more than the food you eat. Think of all the elements in your daily life that contribute to or detract from your overall health. From stress to sleep to exercise: it’s all related.


Therefore, when you meet with us, we look at all of these things together and determine the best way to use nutrition to improve everything about your health, not just your diet.

3. The Catalyst Philosophy - Education!

Lastly, you may want to consider Catalyst as your dietitian serving Dallas and the Back Mountain if you agree with our brand philosophy of empowerment through education.


We are not about using our nutritional expertise to tell you what to do and how to change. We are your partner and collaborator. When we work with you, we teach you what we know so you can internalize the information and learn how to help yourself.


This is the most effective way that we have found to help our patients achieve their nutritional and lifestyle goals. Simply doing what we tell you won’t get you all the way there. You have to learn it, know it, understand it, and practice it yourself to achieve real change.


That’s our philosophy of nutrition at Catalyst.

Schedule Your Dietitian Nutritionist Services Near Dallas, PA

If you’ve been wondering if seeing a registered dietitian nutritionist is the right move for you, come talk to us. We can explain all of our services and our whole approach to you. We would love to help you take that next step toward a better you. We accept a variety of insurance plans and also take cash and credit: making access to us as easy as possible for you!


You are welcome to enroll in all of our services virtually, but if you’d like to meet with us at our Kingston office, it’s incredibly easy to get here from Dallas or anywhere else in Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Back Mountain region.


Whether you’re out in Harveys Lake or down in Shavertown, find your way to Route 309 South and follow it to Exit 5. Turn right onto Wyoming Avenue in Kingston and then make a left onto Pierce St. Catalyst Nutrition and Training is about a mile down on the left, in the New Bridge Center.

You are free to learn more about us, give us a call, or email us. You can talk to us at (888) 862-0803 or

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