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Nutrition doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

Every major factor in your life affects your nutrition: the way you were raised, the resources you have, and the environment around you. Food is many things to human beings. We eat when we’re happy. We eat when we’re sad. We eat with others. Food is fuel, comfort, celebration.


The way you eat and the relationship you have with food has the power to change your life. For better or worse.

I’m Brooke Evans M.S., RDN, LDN, the CEO and founder of Catalyst Nutrition and Training. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I have always had a passion for nutrition and fitness. I actually went to college thinking I was going to become a physician. It was at the point where I was applying to medical schools that I realized modern medicine isn’t always the answer.


You see, I started suffering from debilitating migraines when I was a teenager, and no one could figure out why. I was sent to a variety of specialists and placed on many medications that seemed to do nothing. Nothing worked. I didn’t understand it.

As I am sure some of you have experienced, I was placed on medications that had a side effect of weight gain. After gaining about 30 pounds, all while still experiencing my migraines, I decided I’d had enough. I started working with a personal trainer and fell in love with the way fitness made me feel. Together, we worked to improve my nutrition, and ultimately he recommended we address my migraines by eliminating common dietary triggers. We took dairy products out of my diet, and I haven’t experienced a migraine since.

Seven years of almost daily migraines, seven years of doctors - they all disappeared almost immediately when I changed my diet. I looked into why and discovered that dairy foods can be allergens for some people. I knew I had to share what I was learning with the world. I was no longer going to become a doctor. I wanted to make my career about the power of nutrition. Food had literally changed my life. I knew it could do the same for others.

My beliefs as a registered dietitian nutritionist are pretty easy to understand:


  • Empowerment through education - you can only make real change if you know why change is necessary. I help you achieve power over your health by showing you WHY nutritional changes can help you.


  • Judgment-free collaboration - I am your partner in improving your health by recommending nutrition and lifestyle changes. And I do it all with compassion and without judgment, as someone who has been there.


  • Holistic lifestyle changes - nutrition doesn’t exist in a vacuum. I help you examine how you can alter multiple areas of your life to create a healthy, balanced approach to nutrition.

When you come to see us at Catalyst Nutrition and Training, you get personalized nutrition education that helps you make sustainable health changes to last a lifetime. Remember, it’s never too late to make a change.

Build Muscle
Gain Strength
Adjust Body Composition

Learn Nutrition Basics
Individualized Nutrition Guidance
Improved Health

Develop Healthy Habits

Improve Your Mindset
Build Confidence

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