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Registered Dietitian Serving Pittston, PA

Is it finally time to look for a registered dietitian near Pittston? Catalyst Nutrition and Training is located just a short drive away on Pierce St. in Kingston!

We are happy to serve residents of Pittston and the surrounding areas. It isn’t only what we do that resonates with our patients, but our outlook on nutrition, as well. Here at Catalyst, we don’t just do our job and send you on your way. We take the time to understand you and your nutritional goals so we can properly educate you in why certain lifestyle changes can help you.


Registered dietitian nutritionists are licensed to treat disease using nutrition. That means we can help you manage a whole range of medical conditions through our in-person or online nutrition counseling. We also help patients who are looking for other health assistance through our online nutrition coaching and online fitness coaching programs.


Catalyst is taking new patients now, and we’d love to start helping YOU!

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Our Dietitian and Nutritionist Services


Nutrition Counseling in Person and Online

Personalized nutritional instruction from a registered dietitian nutritionist, including guidance on preexisting medical conditions


Online Nutrition Coaching

Convenient, online nutritional mentorship designed to help you make the best food decisions for achieving your health goals.


Online Fitness Coaching

Customized workout plans and form critiques regularly provided to you online to help you optimize your physical condition

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Why Choose Catalyst as Your Dietitian Near Pittston?

We’re always humbled by the trust our patients place in us to help them reach their nutritional goals. Whether you travel from Pittston to see us or talk to us online, what brings us joy at Catalyst is being able to share with you the power of nutrition. We’ve seen over and over how nutrition and fitness can literally change lives.


That’s what we want to convey to all our patients from Pittston and everywhere else. We know you have many options when you’re looking for the right nutrition expert for you. So, why go with Catalyst Nutrition and Training?

1. We Treat Disease

There’s no doubt that a nutritionist can help you sort through all the information that’s available on nutrition, in areas such as micro and macronutrients, calories, and food groups.


But what Catalyst patients love about us is that they can come to us for disease treatment, as well! Registered dietitian nutritionists have more education that allows us to use medical nutrition therapy, or MNT, to help our patients manage certain medical conditions.


For example, through our in-person or online nutrition counseling, we can work with you to manage diseases such as:

Or maybe you don’t need help with a medical condition but instead want to lose weight, gain weight, or get the proper nutrition to run a marathon or train for an athletics program.


Catalyst can help with it all.

2. We Help You Holistically

Another reason why you may want to come visit us in Kingston from Pittston is because we use nutrition to treat you holistically. Now, what exactly does that mean?


At Catalyst Nutrition and Training, we practice something called functional nutrition. Basically, this means we recommend nutritional changes to you based on every factor of your lifestyle, not just your diet. When we first meet with you, we talk about areas of your life that you might not expect to come up at a dietitian’s office, such as your sleep habits and daily stress levels.


But there are good reasons to discuss these things!


In functional nutrition, we see diet as just one part of your overall health. If we want a complete picture of your health, we have to look at everything together. The interconnectedness of your lifestyle factors means that making an isolated nutritional change may not actually make a difference for you. Real change often includes overhauling your health holistically rather than trying to laser-target one area.


Holistic nutrition is what we practice here at Catalyst.

3. We Give You Knowledge

The final reason we think you’ll want to call us when you’re looking for a dietitian near Pittston is that we place all the power of nutrition in your hands. Yes, we have many hours of education, training, and real-world experience helping patients just like you, but our philosophy is that your nutritional power will come through your own education.


That means we don’t keep our plans to ourselves or tell you what you need to do to feel better. We believe that prioritizing your health requires you to know what we know. What do we do about that? We teach you! We believe that by explaining how the lifestyle changes we recommend can actually help you, you’ll be more apt to succeed in your goals.


And did we mention that all our plans are customized to you? That’s part of our outlook, too. We do not offer any one-size-fits-all solutions here. Every individual is unique, right? Then so is every nutritional plan.


That’s who we are at Catalyst!

Book Your Dietitian Nutritionist Services Near Pittston

Catalyst Nutrition and Training is ready for new patients, and we’d love to hear from you! We’re happy to say that many health insurance providers cover dietitian nutritionist services, so be sure to check with your plan. We also take cash and card payments.


We offer all of our services online for your convenience! However, if you’re in Pittston and want to make an in-person appointment, it’s easy to get here.


From downtown Pittston, take Main St. through Jenkins Township until it becomes River Road. Go all the way through the Cross Valley intersection, past Wilkes-Barre General Hospital to the North St. Bridge by the Luzerne County Courthouse. Cross the bridge to Pierce St. in Kingston, pass 3rd Ave., and then turn right into our parking lot at the New Bridge Center. Catalyst is in Suite 201.

You are welcome to learn more about us before getting in touch!. When you’re ready, you can reach us at (888) 862-0803 or

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