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Telehealth Dietitian
in Pennsylvania

When you’re pressed for time but still need personalized help controlling your weight, managing disease symptoms, or using nutrition to become healthier overall, you may benefit from seeing a telehealth dietitian nutritionist!

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Catalyst Nutrition and Training is proud to offer telehealth nutrition services to patients across Pennsylvania. Our remote nutrition counseling program is personalized to your medical conditions and long-term health goals. You benefit from the customized Catalyst touch from home or wherever you are, and all on your schedule.

Contact us today to enroll in our convenient, HIPAA‐secured telehealth nutrition services! Call (888) 862-0803 or use our online form below.

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How Our Telehealth Dietitian Services Work

The best part about working with an online dietitian from Catalyst Nutrition and Training is that you get the same personalized nutrition care and attention as our in-person patients, but on your busy schedule.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Once we schedule your appointment, we’ll send you a link to create an account with Healthie, our secure telehealth video-conferencing software.

  2. Inside Healthie, you input your medical information and other background data for us to review before meeting with you.

  3. At the time of your appointment, all you have to do is click a button to join the HIPAA-secured video chat with your telehealth dietitian.

  4. We provide the dietary guidance, education, and collaboration you need to use nutrition to your greatest advantage.

  5. You can use the Healthie platform to maintain a food journal, check future appointments, and chat directly with your dietitian!


Benefits of Seeing a Virtual Dietitian Nutritionist

1. Convenient

The primary advantage of receiving our nutrition services virtually is that you can get treatment on your schedule. Even if you live near our office on Pierce St. in Kingston, PA, you may not have the flexibility to travel to us. Telehealth saves you lots of time!

2. Collaborative

Catalyst Nutrition and Training is your partner in using food to optimize your health. Everything we do is a collaboration with you, our patients. Geographic distance can’t change that.

3. Educational

Here at Catalyst, we don’t tell you what to do; we teach you how to help yourself. We educate our in-person and telehealth patients in everything you need to know to make the best nutrition decisions for you. Whether you need nutrition counseling on a medical condition such as heart disease or cancer or more general nutrition coaching on the best foods to add to your diet, we are here to teach.

4. Personalized

Every Catalyst patient is unique, and that means every nutrition approach should be, too. We personalize our advice to you so you are fully prepared to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle.

5. Secure

We use Healthie as our telehealth platform, meaning your video calls with us comply with all HIPAA laws and are fully secure for your privacy.

Schedule Your Virtual Nutrition Appointment Today

With the demands of modern life constantly weighing us down, telehealth appointments streamline medical care for the convenience of patients. Whatever your nutrition needs are, we are here to educate and support you. That’s why we're so proud to offer personalized virtual nutrition services here at Catalyst Nutrition and Training.

Schedule your appointment with an online dietitian today by calling (888) 862-0803 or using our online form!

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