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Dietitian for Kidney Disease in Kingston, PA and Online

Manage your kidney disease with an experienced registered dietitian nutritionist

If you have a disease that affects your kidneys’ ability to filter waste out of your blood, you could benefit from seeing a registered dietitian for kidney disease.

The term “kidney disease” can refer to numerous medical conditions that prevent your kidneys from working as they should. Primarily, when people talk about kidney disease, they’re referring to chronic kidney disease (CKD), which is lifelong.


Whatever the root cause of your kidney disease, one fact is clear: working with a registered dietitian nutritionist at Catalyst Nutrition and Training can keep your body’s nutrients in balance so your kidneys are primed for their best possible performance.

We document complete medical histories for all new patients in our nutrition counseling program so we can understand your specific kidney disease. We then educate you in incorporating the dietary and lifestyle changes that can keep your kidneys as healthy as possible. We can also set you up with a renal dietitian for specialized care if required.


You can visit us at our office at 480 Pierce St. in Kingston, PA, or meet with us virtually from wherever you are. Call (888) 862-0803 to get in touch!

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We can help you to moderate your daily food habits to keep your kidneys happy.

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The Challenges of Kidney Disease

The kidneys are a vital set of organs that are part of your body’s urinary tract. They have two major jobs: to remove waste from your blood, and then to turn it into urine to be excreted.


You can live perfectly normally with just one functional kidney (for example, if you donated one), but if both become damaged through chronic kidney disease, your body has less ability to filter out toxins. If left unchecked over time, CKD can cause waste to accumulate in your body, leading to symptoms such as:

When the kidneys can no longer filter out wastes on their own, a medical process known as dialysis can do it for them. Patients with CKD can live for many years while on dialysis. In extreme cases, a kidney transplant can be performed.

  • Appetite loss

  • Nausea

  • Fatigue

  • Changes in urination

  • Swelling of legs and feet

  • Sleep interruptions

  • Itchy skin

About 37 million Americans have chronic kidney disease today, but what’s interesting to note is that many people don’t even know they have CKD until the disease progresses to a more advanced stage. That’s because the condition often presents no symptoms at the start. Approximately 33% of Americans with chronic kidney disease don’t know they have it.

Chronic kidney disease can have many causes, although the two most common ones by far are diabetes and high blood pressure. It’s vital to work with a registered dietitian if you have either of these conditions on their own, even without a diagnosis of CKD. This is because diabetes and high blood pressure can affect your kidneys over time, and a dietitian can help you make food choices that support kidney health.

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How a Dietitian for Kidney Disease Can Help

As part of your treatment for kidney disease, your doctor may recommend that you visit a registered dietitian nutritionist. It’s especially important that you see a dietitian for kidney disease and not just a nutritionist, since dietitians are certified to treat medical conditions using nutritional science.


Our approach at Catalyst is called functional nutrition. It means we manage your kidney disease and overall health holistically. So, we will recommend the dietary and lifestyle changes that we think will benefit you when you have a diagnosis of CKD or another form of kidney disease.

For example, patients with reduced kidney function should be mindful of the fats, fluids, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, and certain other substances that they put in their bodies. We can help you better understand which foods contain these substances and how to incorporate them in the proper amounts for your needs.


Since exercise is also vital to maintaining your strength with kidney disease, we’ll educate you on that, too. That’s the key word at Catalyst: educate. We never just tell you what changes you should make. We show you how our suggestions can help you.

Control Your Kidney Disease Responsibly with a Catalyst Dietitian Nutritionist

It can be upsetting to receive a diagnosis for kidney disease, but many people live almost no differently than they did before. It’s thanks to modern treatment that this is possible.


When you visit us at Catalyst Nutrition and Training, you get full access to a registered dietitian nutritionist for kidney disease who will work directly with you to make the food and lifestyle changes you need to stay healthy.


Our in-person or telehealth nutritional counseling is a great fit for those with kidney disease. For individuals who are looking for a higher level of attention and workout guidance, ask us about our online nutrition coaching and online fitness coaching programs.


Get in touch with Catalyst Nutrition and Training now to make an appointment either at our office at 480 Pierce St. in Kingston, PA, or online. Let’s get you moving in a better direction.

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