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Registered Dietitian in Kingston, PA and Online

When you need a registered dietitian nutritionist in Northeastern Pennsylvania or a telehealth dietitian who can help you wherever you are, make Catalyst Nutrition and Training your first call.

We specialize in medical nutrition therapy (MNT), nutrition counseling/weight management, individualized exercise programs, body recomposition, improved performance, online nutrition coaching, and many other combined nutrition and exercise services catered to you and your individual goals.​ We also design nutrition and fitness plans for individuals with health conditions such as PCOS, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, kidney disease, menopause, hyperlipidemia, and high cholesterol.

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Our Dietitian and Nutritionist Services


Nutrition Counseling in Kingston, PA and Online

Personalized nutritional instruction from a registered dietitian nutritionist, including guidance on preexisting medical conditions


Online Nutrition Coaching

Convenient, online nutritional mentorship designed to help you make the best food decisions for achieving your health goals.


Online Personal Training

Customized workout plans and form critiques regularly provided to you online to help you optimize your physical condition

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Kingston, PA and Online

We want to help you prioritize YOU. Your health, fitness, wellness, and relationship with yourself and others are our top priority. Whether you have had a coach before or this is all new to you, we want to help you filter through all of the information on the internet and develop a custom roadmap from where you are now to where you want to be.


We’re sure you will be happy to hear that many nutrition services are covered by health insurance plans. Exclusions and limitations do apply, so please contact your current insurance provider for more information on coverage.


No insurance? No problem!  We accept cash and credit card payments.


We serve patients from all over the Wyoming Valley, including Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, Pittston, and Scranton. Not able to meet in person at our office on Pierce St. in Kingston? NO PROBLEM!


If you’d prefer to meet with a dietitian from the comfort of your home, we offer 100% virtual consultations and coaching. Just be sure to let us know and we can do everything from afar! No need to add travel time to the mix! (PS: This also means we are available to work with individuals from outside of Northeastern Pennsylvania!)

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Our Mission

At Catalyst Nutrition and Training, our vision is to live in a world where food is fuel, food is comfort, and food is FUN. If you currently, or have ever, struggled with your relationship with food, we want you to know there is hope. Catalyst Nutrition and Training is about helping individuals find moderation in their daily habits. No extremes, no fad diets, no obsessive training. Instead, we prioritize healthy habit formation and education.

Our Beliefs

At Catalyst Nutrition and Training, we believe that, as humans, if we want to make a change, we need to first bring awareness to the situation and then gain an understanding of WHY we are making the adjustments we are. We believe in empowerment through education. We want to help you reach your health and fitness goals by teaching you how to make the necessary adjustments via a customized program that is individual to you and your lifestyle.


At Catalyst, our nutritional and fitness approach is called functional nutrition. It means we design health plans for you holistically, since we believe that everything in your life–from your daily activity to your current mental and physical health to the environment where you live–can affect the way you approach your diet.


Functional nutrition also involves us examining any unhealthy symptoms you are experiencing and trying to find the root cause using nutrition. For example, if you are experiencing lethargy, fatigue, afternoon drowsiness, or headaches–all of this could be related to your nutrition status. If so, we can work to resolve the symptoms using food rather than medicine. We take all of this into account to create nutrition and fitness plans that work for you and your specific situation.


You are unique, and your nutrition and training approaches should be no different. No cookie-cutter programs here! When you need a dietitian in Northeastern Pennsylvania–or an online dietitian–who believes in 100% custom, 1:1 nutrition education, call Catalyst Nutrition and Training.

Contact Catalyst today to learn more about how a registered dietitian nutritionist can help you change your life!

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